Waking Up With Retrograde

What you place on the alter, is then altered

— Ryan Weiss dropping some wisdom from A Course In Miracles

In the spirit of the Jewish New Year, Elizabeth and Stephanie take some time to reflect on what to let go and what to call in. They welcome back mindfulness teacher Ryan Weiss who breaks down the meaning of the holidays and offers some takeaway practices honoring the new year and retrograde… just because. Speaking of ‘just because,’ the TSR gals dive into the importance of sock containment as a personality litmus test, why TV is Steph’s new Etsy, and why being informed and spreading love is what they’re planning to call in for the new year.


Mystic Mamma on this Retrograde/ Check out Ryan’s Daily Email- waking up with ryan/ A Course In Miracles /Thrive Market…yes yes/ Hillary doing the nae nae…no no/ Manifest Guestiny: Marie Kondo on The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up / The Rosie O’Donnell – Trump Feud: A Timeline #rose 

**pic credit mystic mama

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 Among other things, Mercury Retrograde inspires us to THINK DIFFERENTLY, and in doing so we can create the best versions of ourselves and of our worlds. 

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