Earth and Beyond

The girls go deep with kween mother earth AND take a cosmic trip into other realms in this two part episode! First they sit down with activists, friends and documentary filmmakers, Martin Spanjers, Raviv Ullman and Jordan Harkins, to talk about The Dakota Access Pipeline and the film they’re making surrounding the issue and instruct us on what we can do to help. We then switch lanes and cross over to the other side with famed medium, Thomas John who talks about his journey into clairvoyance and lets the girls know who is hanging out with them from the other side. Spooky Cool!!


They’re standing up for our earth, and for our planet. That is not a Native issue, that is not an indigenous population issue, it is an international concern.

— Raviv Ullman on #NoDAPL

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Pics from this episode:

I think we’re all intuitive. I think we’re all born with intuition.

— Thomas John

Get Thomas’s Book!

  Never Argue With A Dead Person by Thomas John

Never Argue With A Dead Person by Thomas John

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