Ep. 149 That Genius Life

Episode Description

Food and nutrition journalist and author of Genius Foods, Max Lugavere drops into the studio with a bevy of knowledge of how food affects our brains. He myth busts common food misnomers and uses a lot of big scientific words! Roses are all about collaboration this week as the girls celebrate podcasters on podcasts (DenTALKS and Balanced Blonde Podcast) and things get Thorny with parents hash tagging on Facebook. #yikes



Max Lugavere/@maxlugavere



Dr. Ophira’s Probiotics

Siete Chips /Vitex Berry

Nature’s Way mint flavored chlorophyll / The Genius Life

SleepCycle app / Hawaiian Spirulina

Safe Catch canned salmon / Dirty Dozen list

Elizabeth on The Balanced Blonde / Coola White Tea Sport 50 Sunscreen

Bio Essence Rose Oil / Banish Vitamin-C Creme



OMAX3 Ultra Pure

Thrive Market 


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