Ep. 152 CBD ASAP

“We started growing at the time we didn’t know anything about CBD, it was all THC and it was specifically for cancer patients our cousin had pancreatic cancer and he was really our first patient. They’d given him a couple months to live, and we weren’t trying to cure his cancer we were just trying to ease his pain. So we did some research there, and came up with this concentrated oil.”


Episode Description

Fresh from a little summer vacay, the ladies get better acquainted with a new friend, CBD. They welcome Jon and Jesse Stanley, two of the founders of the Colorado based OG CBD empire, Charlotte’s Web, to enlighten hearts and minds and unpack this developing trend. Also, is ROSES all day as Elizabeth and Steph muse on new, possibly questionable modes of transportation, the antiquated use of plastic straws and dating life stuff.



Jon Stanley + Jesse Stanley / @charlotteswebcbd  /  Charlotte’s Web


Elizabeth’s fave salad dressing

Chosen Foods avocado oil, a spritz of lemon juice, salt and pepper (to taste), dijon mustard, chopped shallots (or garlic), a squeeze of honey (for sweetness). Pair with your favorite greens, top with with batch-roasted veggies, and enjoy!



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