Ep. 154 Feng Shui Day with Meghan Wallace James

Episode Description

It’s a true full circle moment as Stephanie and Elizabeth revisit the first ever topic explored on TSR, Feng Shui! With their personal spaces newly transformed, they welcome goddess and Feng Shui facilitator, Meghan Wallace James to muse on her modern Feng Shui perspective. Questions on mirror placement, cacti, and maximizing your space galore! Listener questions and Rosey shout outs complete this transformational conversation. Happy Shui Day ya’ll!



Meghan Wallace James/@meghanwallacejames



 Understanding The Bagua Map

The Queen’s Code by Allison Armstrong

Glossier Lipgloss

Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter


Elizabeth & Steph’s Tips for Cleaning Up Your Life: 

Take off the warning labels

Replace your curtain strings with something a little more chic, beads perhaps?

Take your old clothes to consignment shops (Wasteland and Crossroads are great if you’re in LA!)

Bring an old pair of jeans into Madewell for $25 store credit



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