Ep. 169 A Workout Is Born

Episode Description

It’s physical fitness day at The So Retrograde HQ! Steph and Elizabeth sit down with personal trainer and P. Volve founder, Stephen Pasterino, to talk about the workout he specifically created to optimize the muscle response of the female body. Coupled with this convo are some rosy workout recs for the LA homie and everyone call in sick because seeing A Star Is Born and crying to the soundtrack is the unanimous rose of the moment.



Stephen Pasterino/@stephenpasterino



OMAX Health

Phlur  code: retrograde

Rothy’s  code: retrograde


Elizabeth’s LA work out picks:

Model fit / Cru box

Ballet Bodies / Harmony studios 

Den Meditation / LEKFIT


Steph’s LA class picks:

Liberation Yoga / DR Pilates

Wanderlust Hollywood / SoulCycle

Yoga Works / Bellicon


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