Ep. 175 Thanksgiving, Next (guest: Teri Turner)

Episode Description

Foodie, mystic cook, renowned Whole30/Gluten Free food blogger and Elizabeth’s favorite Internet celebrity, Teri Turner, of ‘No Crumbs Left’, sits down with TSR for a Thanksgiving-centric convo. The gals discuss coming into your calling later in life, listening to the universe, social media hacks, and of course some culinary insight for the upcoming holiday! Later, it’s a Rosy recap of Stephanie and Elizabeth’s recent jaunt to New York (shout out to the New York Comedy Festival)!!



Teri Turner / @nocrumbsleft / No Crumbs Left Table Talks



Elizabeth’s Fave Dishes:

Stuffing from Food52 / Pumpkin Mousse Tart from Ina Garten / Veggie Platter and Dipping Sauce



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