Ep. 178 Cool for the Holiday (guest: Dr. Deganit Nuur)

“Imagination and intuition are just a frequency away from each other…they are besties.” — Dr. Deganit Nuur


Episode Description

Spirit guide to the show, Dr. Deganit Nuur, visits the TSR Universe, illuminating her unique approach of blending acupuncture with clairvoyant readings and provides practical suggestions for surviving the holidays – with tips on fine tuning in our intuition, manifestation tools and self care routines. Honoring the theme of self care guidance, Stephanie and Elizabeth share their top self care selects of the moment. In this week’s Roses and Thorns, the ladies shed light on a Secret HQ success story and top it all off with some current TV and reading recs, because… wellness.



Dr. Deganit Nuur / @nuurvana



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