Sage The Halls (guests: Ambi Kavanaugh + Kelsey Patel)


 holiday party vibes for this very special holiday edition of TSR

holiday party vibes for this very special holiday edition of TSR


It’s a TSR All-Star Holiday Party as Steph and Elizabeth are joined by their friends and guides: Astrologer, Ambi Kavanaugh and Reiki Master, Kelsey Patel. Together they celebrate the end of this expansive and challenging year and muse on tools to manage stress during the holidays. It’s a true bash with astro downloads that help bring mindful closure to 2018, and be sure to pull over because we have an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) series to shift your vibe as we de stress our way into the holidays.

Roses and thorns: Brought to you by the Adventures of Elizabeth in Detroit + Steph in NYC

Schvitz Detroit / Shades Optical Birmingham (go see Dr. Bill Koppin) / Ouli’s ointment (great cure all for dry skin) / Detroit Blows / Assemblage NYC / grain free brand we are loving: Capellos / music you should listen to: Mad lib

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EFT Technique to reduce stress and chill:

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 Happy Holidays from TSR

Happy Holidays from TSR

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 Among other things, Mercury Retrograde inspires us to THINK DIFFERENTLY, and in doing so we can create the best versions of ourselves and of our worlds. 

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