Ep. 189 Devon Cajuste: New Crystal Friend

“Trust that you already know that answer…and take that leap of the unknown…it’s like you’re going into a black hole…trust that there is a light in there, just do it.” — Devon Cajuste


Episode Description

Devon Cajuste, former NFL tight end and current energy healer joins the show to discuss his connections to the football field and the universal energy field. He shares with us how he communes with spirit and offers up some solid crystal recommendations. Okay fine we’ll take him under our tiny wings, since you begged us to! Things get rosy as Elizabeth looks forward to a new chapter and Steph is deep in to the chapters of the greatest dating book of all time as she learns what it’s like to date in the 90’s.






Life After Hard Knocks and Browns: Devon Cajuste

The Energy Bus Field Guide by Jon Gordon

Mount Shasta

Our Favorite Crystal Shops in LA: 

Spellbound Sky / Crystal Matrix / Crystalarium / House of Intuition



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