Ep. 193 Lisa Gainsley: Lympho-manic: Talking All Things Lymphatic Health

“The lymphatic system is essentially your immune system.”

— Lisa Gainsley


Episode Description

Lymphatic Drainage is at the top of TSR’s list when it comes to buzzy wellness practices and sitting down to educate beyond the trend is Certified Lymphedema Therapist, Lisa Gainsley, expertly answering all of the Ladies’ lymph related queries (If you’ve got lymph questions of your own follow Lisa, @thelymphaticmessage). And later, Elizabeth and Steph dive into another Rosy round listener questions (If you have questions for us to be featured on the show – DM us @soretrograde).



The Lymphatic Message / @thelymphaticmessage



Referrals for trained lymphatic aestheticians: 

Angela Peck @wholisticskinandcare – Santa Cruz

Hayley Wood Therapeutic Skin Coach – Los Angeles

Jodi James Ohmbiance Holistic Skincare and Wellness – Los Angeles

Lymphatic Favorites:

Manual Lymph Drainage / Shape House / Bellicon Rebounder / Guasha / Jade Roller 

Nutritional Muscle Testing by Vanessa Fitzgerald @veeshoney 



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