Ep. 203 Ben Gleib: A Very Serious Conversation with a Comedian Running for President

“I want politics to finally be something that’s not over people’s heads.” – Ben Gleib  


Episode Description

Veteran comic, friend to the show and long time political commentator, Ben Gleib, is back on TSR to talk politics. This time, he is discussing the call in his heart to no longer just speak about the political landscape but to change it, by running for President in 2020. Later, Steph and Elizabeth put on their democratic hats and shout out some new wellness discoveries currently on their radar.






Ben Gleib’s first episode with TSR

Ben Gleib’s Huffington Post article 

Last Week on Earth 

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Similasan Allergy Eye Relief 

Boiron Eye Drops

The Root of It All 

The Good Patch Hangover Patch 

Bippy Bamboo Toilet Paper



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