Ep. 208 Learning About Somatic Therapy and Mercier Massage for Reproductive Health and Healing w/ Rachel Cole Psychotherapist and Body Worker

“We want to get away from discomfort. We want to get away from things that are painful, but this work is actually about turning toward it.” – Rachel Cole 



Licensed Psychotherapist and gifted healer, Rachel Cole, LCSW, SEP – beams into the TSR HQ and educates on the benefits of two therapies we don’t know much about. What is Mercier Massage and why do we need it? Somatic healing? We wanna know more! Shaking and crying and grounding with joy as we learn to strengthen our relationship to self through the mind body connection – as Rachel puts it: ““What we are working on is building your capacity to be with life, both the pleasant and the unpleasant” and we are here for it. Roses and thorns are tech cleanse updates, Hint: Elizabeth is off Instagram and onto Marianne Williamson think pieces. Namastayin’ on our phones, y/n?



Rachel Cole LCSW / @rachelcolelcsw




@drpeteralevine / @dr.jennifer.mercier 

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