Ep. 214 Creating a Fitness Empire with LEKFit’s Lauren Kleban

“Your body needs to be tricked constantly or it gets bored. You have to keep it difficult, effective, and of course fun.”  – Lauren Kleban


Episode Description

Celebrity trainer, LEK Fit founder, and TSR personal fave, Lauren Kleban, joins the show to discuss the creation and steady growth of her massively popular dance inspired fitness method. She expands on the benefits of bouncing on a rebounder, the democratization of fitness through online streaming, and the ups and downs of growing a brand from an idea that began in her garage, into a thriving business. Roses and Thorns is a rosy bouquet of Stephanie’s fave cannabis products and Elizabeth’s current skin roses.



LEKFIT / @lekfit



Lauren’s Current Wellness Favorites:

Shani Darden Skincare / Kettle & Fire Bone Broth


Stephanie’s Cannabis Recs:

Leune / Juna / Lord Jones / Root of It All  / Higgs


Elizabeth’s Skincare Recs: 

Corrective Skincare LA  /Vanicream Gentle Cleanser 

Avene Water Spray / Barbara Sturm Cleanser 



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