Ep. 215 Dripping Yourself in Sacred Art with Jewelry Designer Joy Smith

“Jewelry is the gateway to spirit for me, or any type of artwork that I do.” – Joy Smith


Episode Description

COMMUNION by Joy’s, Joy Smith, sits down with Stephanie and Elizabeth to talk about the creativity, intentionality and spirituality she infuses into her much celebrated fine jewelry creations. In her own words, the line is “sacred art worn by the modern mystic and warrior.” Roses and thorns is joyful in its own right with Elizabeth tapping into her newly found love for animals and Steph has some rosy recs for adorning your ears with a different kind of pleasure, podcasts and morning shows.



Communion by Joy Smith / @communionbyjoy



Sophia Zakia Jewelry  / Jupiter Lala Mystical Jewelry 

The Endless Honeymoon Podcast / Yamaneika Saunders on The Breakfast Club 



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