Ep. 217 September Issues with Elizabeth and Stephanie

“Small investments overtime that lend towards our health is a lot better than being in desperation mode and trying to find the person or thing that’s going to help heal you.” – Elizabeth Kott


Episode Description

By listener request it’s a solo episode with TSR’s hosts (Elizabeth + Stephanie), answering audience questions, while highlighting some current roses and a few thorns. Multiple issues are covered in this intimate convo, including: wellness fails, TMJ remedies, vision board party tips, spiritual burnout, igniting self confidence, clairvoyant training, overcoming dating hang-ups,  BH90210, clean beauty recs (Odacite and Olaplex), and recycling thorns. If you have a question for TSR that you would like covered on a future episode, email q@thatssoretrograde.com.



@elizabethkott / @ssimbari / @soretrograde 



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Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector  / Blue Aura Cleansing Water

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