Ep. 218 Reading (Your Aura) For Filth with Mikey Domitrovich

“That’s my goal, to dismantle the hierarchy that keeps me as the one who knows and you as the one who doesn’t know.” -Mikey Domitrovich 


Episode Description

Spirit Guide to the show Mikey Domitrovich is back at TSR HQ for an exciting conversation on the changing of the seasonal guards known as the Fall Equinox. Then, in proper back to school fashion Mikey gives us a lesson on ’The Claires’, giving us a how to on identifying Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance and Claireaudience. And finally, IT’S A READ as Steph and Elizabeth get their auras read on air as Mikey demonstrates his latest mystical endeavor, AURAPICS.

Also covered in this ep: The movie Hustlers and how it relates to the Ekam World Peace Festival, live readings of Real Housewives of NY and Marianne Williamson presidential bid.



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Breathing Room / EKAM World Peace Festival 

Marianne Williamson



The Spotlyte


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