Healers Glossary

Practitioner guide: body / spirit



Our bodies manifest our internal energy and vice versa. Tap into legit solutions for physical aches and pains or get acquainted with general health practices with this list of expertly smart bod doctors.


Carolyn Barron

What: Acupuncture

Rose: Listen as our acupuncturist extraordinaire breaks down our need for needles, but in a good way.

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Sarah Schwab

What: Acupuncture

Rose: Another acupuncturist friend visits to give us the pointed deets on this ancient Chinese practice.



Vanessa Fitzgerald

What: Nutritional Response Testing

Rose: Get to know your body deeply as Vanessa gets to the bottom of your specific nutritional needs and caters a program just for you.

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Dr. Karla Solis

What: Holistic Dentist (LA Holistic Dentistry)

Rose: In an episode everyone can smile about, Dr. Karla provides a mindful approach to dental hygiene.

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Dr. Jason Rothbart




Erica Chidi Cohen at LOOM

What: Period Coaching / Reproductive Education

Rose: Our femme phenom friend sheds light on the power of our lady parts. Check it. 

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Dr. Van Ngyuen

What: Medical Doctor

Address: 910 Vía De La Paz, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Phone: (310) 454-4544


Dr. Barbara Rush

What: Naturopathic Doctor great for IV drips.

Rose: Hit up Dr. B next time you’re in LA for a vitamin IV drip and live your Meyer’s cocktail dreams.



Dr. Alicia Burke

What: Chiropractor / Neck Specialist




Connecting with our spiritual selves can be as easy as seshing it up with these fave cosmic kings and queens. Astro friends, intuitives, tarot readers and more offer guidance and mystical wisdom beyond.  


Angie Banicki

What: Tarot

Rose: That’s a read! We get all the tarot tea from Angie back in the early days of TSR. Listen here.

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Remington Donovan

What: Tarot + Astrology + Numerology

Rose: This special soul taps into the energy of the tarot deck and the power of numbers in our universe. Get the download here.

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Mikey Domitrovich

What: Tarot + Astrology 

Rose: The most edible of spirits gives us the most delicious of readings through his spiritually snatched lens. Taste for yourself.

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Ambi Kavanagh

What: Soundbaths + Astrology

Rose: Astro goddess Ambi is a frequent show friend and has a wealth of information for the cosmically curious in us all.

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Katie Manzella

What: Soundbaths + Crystal Healing

Rose: We love sessions with our rock goddess Katie for harnessing the color and vibration of precious stones, aka keeping our chakras in check. Get stoned, in a super healing way.

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We Are Sacred Light

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Niki Novo

What: Relationship and Dating Medium 

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Jill Willard

What: Medium 

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Kelley Knight

What: Tarot and Intuitive Services out of the Modern Mystic Shop in Atlanta – check out their full roster of readers too.

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Meghan Wallace James

What: Feng Shui Consultant. 

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