Moon Rituals

Lady moon is a force beyond us, and her phases are great times to reflect and take stock in yourself and your dreams.


Full Moon – release


During the Full Moon, Earth is between the sun and the moon i.e. miss moon is fully lit by the sun’s reflection and faces us. The moon is warm and nourishing and so should you be to yourself. It’s a time to reflect on what you’ve been working on, which areas of your life are feeling shift-worthy and how you can let go and move forward bravely and brightly. 


“in the days leading up to the full moon, i tend to feel the energy rise, this is when i like to start assessing some aspects in my life that may need a shift, then i like to write down my release list to aid in these shifts and give it a good burn or tear up” – Elizabeth


“Full moons are that thing where you’re like WHY IS EVERYTHING SO INTENSE and then all of a sudden you look up and you’re like “oh shit hello you”. I think it’s so interesting and confirming that when you feel certain themes in your life you can took to the astros (via our recommended sources) and you will find those themes reflected in what you’re experiencing. With full moons there’s generally something to shed/release/or shift, so it’s a good time to go to your journal and ask yourself ‘what would I like to make space for?’ I find asking that question to be an easy way to discover what needs to be let go of. *I also usually find myself extra tired during this part of the moon so I would say prioritizing rest and extra self care during is a must.” – Falcon


New Moon – manifest


The New Moon’s invisible magic happens when the moon is between Earth and the sun. It’s illuminated side faces away, barely showing in the night sky. It’s a time to get still and breathe life into areas you may feel stuck or crave newness. This phase is the fresh start of a new cycle and calls for manifesting your desires. 


“For me, new moons feel like a clearing. Like all I want to do during that time is plant seeds. I find myself being very intentional in my vision, making declarations in my journal, and setting those intentions forth to manifest.” – Falcon


“I used to always get the new moon and full moon meanings mixed up – what finally solidified my understanding was that new moon gives us the opportunity to start fresh, call in the new. Around the new moon I always like to write a manifestation list or take the time to have a convo with a confidant on what I am trying to bring forth for the cycle, both short term and long term” – Elizabeth


Here are some our favorite sources to follow to stay attuned to the astro happenings and to help create your own rituals:


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