We asked one of our most spiritually snatched friends to break down the astro breakdown we all know and often fear. Among other things, Mercury Retrograde inspires us to THINK DIFFERENTLY, and in doing so we can create the best versions of ourselves and of our worlds. After all, thinking differently is how we got here — to retrograde’s namesake podcast — in the first place.



“The thing I try to remember about Mercury Retrograde – especially when in the thick of it – is that IT IS TRYING TO HELP.


The apparently backwards motion of a retrograde does not mean that everything in your life will go horribly wrong. Rather, it is a symbol of whatever you think of as forward motion, in the realm represented by the planet, MOVING IN ANY DIRECTION BUT FORWARD.


All retrogrades present an opportunity to revisit something: a force, dynamic, pattern, or entire field of your existence. In the case of Mercury the keyword is MIND – thoughts, ideas, connections, decisions, calculations, communications, all the words associated with air signs and mental processes. When Mercury is retrograde it’s like our brains get turned inside out. The realm of the mind: of thinking, deciding and understanding is inverted, subverted, altered, slowed down, stopped altogether, even rewound and unraveled. 


Experientially Merc rx can be especially challenging because it’s so immediately palpable (as opposed to an outer planet Rx). It seems to take our minds away from us, placing our typical ways of thinking (and therefore being) just out of reach. The more attached you are to your way of thinking – the more habitual your ideas, behaviors, beliefs, patterns and stories – the more challenging Mercury retrograde will be for you. BUT REMEMBER: This is the whole point – to disturb the way you always do it – subverting the the unconscious programs, SO YOU HAVE NO CHOICE but to rely on another way of thinking, and therefore doing and being. 


We place so much value on forward motion: growth, progress, and upward mobility; most of us need to be reminded that there are appropriate times to pause, slow down, or stop altogether. I feel like this is why retrogrades are a thing: to remind us that at some point, real, lasting growth requires going back, slowing down, stopping, looking within, or reversing our trajectory altogether.


If you’re preparing for a hike, and you get a splinter right before you go only to push past it and just go, by the time you’re done you’re prob gonna be limping and infected. Retrograde motion would compel you to sit down, take out the splinter, and either get back on the road, do something else, or magically meet the person of your dreams while digging into your foot. 


This is what’s fun about retrogrades – if you can manage to ride the anti-forward motion, you can have all sorts of experiences and insights that you would miss if you were just plowing ahead. With this awareness, Mercury Retrograde becomes a time to practice working with the retrograde motion – twerking your frame of mind, gaming the matrix, tricking yourself, increasing neuroplasticity of your own free will by inverting or subverting the way you think about things. If you don’t, Mercury retrograde will probably do it for you – compelling you to process differently because the way you would prefer to process is not an option.


Tech and communication snafus aside, Mercury retch actually presents a gift – thrice yearly – to untangle the web of your mind… whether you want it to or not.


Mikey Domitrovich