Ep. 219 Super Attract~ing with Gabby Bernstein

“I identify as a shame-shifter and I’m here to tell the truth about what we don’t talk about, fearlessly, because I feel brave enough to do that; So that anyone that’s needing medication doesn’t feel ashamed, anyone that’s had sexual trauma doesn’t feel ashamed, anyone that’s a recovering addict doesn’t feel ashamed.” – Gabby Bernstein


Episode Description

TSR takes NYC and sit down with celebrated speaker and coach Gabrielle Bernstein to go deep on her new book Super Attractor. A self proclaimed “shame shifter”, Gabby vulnerably opens up about her experience with postpartum depression and the importance of calling in “special agents” for healing. Roses and thorns is a celebration of the Big Apple, the excellence of the Unplug mediation app AND we are doing a major giveaway in the form of a logo design with our friends at Dreamer Marketing House.



Gabby Bernstein / @gabbybernstein



Books by Gabby Bernstein: 

Super Attractor / Spirit Junkie / Add More Ing To Your Life 


Juna Tinctures

Usha Veda Yoga Studio in Greenpoint 

Unplug Meditation Studio + App



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