Ep. 220 Honoring ABORTION AF with Trailblazer Lizz Winstead

“I do this work because it’s a moral choice for me. Not in spite of my morality, not in spite of my conscience. I do it because I know that being able to decide when and if you want to start a family and how you start that family is the first step towards any kind of economic emancipation.” – Lizz Winstead


Episode Description

Steph and Elizabeth cozy up in a NYC studio for an inspired conversation with accomplished comic, writer, radio personality, and founder of Abortion AF, Lizz Winstead. Lizz educates on the real red tape around accessibility to abortion and womens healthcare and lays down the framework for what we can do to help. Roses and Thorns is more like a giant shiny apple as the girls wax grateful on all things NYC. Special shout out to Gotham Podcast Studio, Sirius XM, and Caroline’s on Broadway for making all our interview dreams come true.



@lizzwinstead / @abortionfront / @accessforce



Abortion AF / Expose Fake Clinics / National Network of Abortion Funds

New York Roses:

Joe’s Shanghai Restaurant / Apotheke Bar / Vic’s



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