Ep. 223 Building a Successful Business Meditating with Jesse Israel, founder of The Big Quiet

“Even if we don’t have a meditation practice, just making space for ourselves to rest, guilt free, to have some non-phone time or non work time is so helpful.” 


Episode Description

Making his return to TSR HQ, former music exec turned meditation leader and entrepreneur, Jesse Israel speaks on creating and growing The Big Quiet. What began as a small group of mediators in his living room is now the country’s largest mass meditation event.  He shares his own experiences with meditation and gives insight on mindfully crafting and monetizing a business inside the consciousness space. Roses and Thorns is elevated as Ek and SS discuss their trip to Lowell Farms Cannabis Cafe, the country’s first ever cannabis restaurant! 



Jesse Israel /@jesseisrael / @thebigquiet



Lowell Farms Cannabis Cafe / The Sunday Show 

Clutch Nails / Lime Crime / Sacksville & Co 

For Days / @debrasilverman_astrology 



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