Ep. 224 Re-imagining Aging and Celebrating the Future of Cosmetic Dermatology with GoodSkin Clinics’ Lisa Goodman

“Individualized beauty, in our world, is better. We don’t want our clients to look the same, we don’t want to create a “look” or trend, we want everyone to preserve and highlight their own face.” 


Episode Description

Lisa Goodman, founder of GoodSkin Clinics, a revolutionary bi-coastal cosmetic dermatology practice, sits down with EK + SS to describe her holistic approach to dermal fillers and mission to eliminate the “done” look one face at a time. Seasonally appropriate, in these final days of October as there’s nothing spookier than too much facial filler. Roses and Thorns is a rosy reading recc by Sasha Sagan followed by a TSR exclusive event invite with Feng Shui queen Meghan Wallace James. AND Happy bday to Steph!!!



Lisa Goodman / GoodSkin Clinics 



For Small Creatures Such as We by Sasha Sagan



Robin Hood 

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