Ep. 227 Money Money Money – Talking Financial Wellness with the Founders of Mana Financial

“You can’t seek out a conscious life and then put money at the backend. This needs to be just as important as our personal care and the care we put into our relationships.” – Elizabeth Kott


Episode Description

Cristina Livadary and Stephanie Bucko are certified financial life planners bringing monetary consciousness to the forefront of our wellness routine in this important and much needed convo. Roses and Thorns comes in hot with a hair flip- talking hair dyeing, drying and best days to get a cut according to The Farmers Almanac. Plus, continued Shui adventures of the Marie Kondo variety.



Cristina Livadary and Stephanie Bucko / Mana Financial Life Design



Mana Life Financial / Mana Money School

Jessica Yatrofsky Certified KonMari Consultant / @sparkjoydwell  

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