Ep. 230 Self Concept, Self Esteem and Self Sabotage with Dr. Judy Ho

“When you’re doing self-development, it’s not supposed to be comfortable. If you’re doing it right, you’re not going to feel amazing all of the time.” – Dr. Judy Ho



Episode Description

Dr. Judy Ho is here and bringing her expertise in this enlightening convo. As a licensed clinical and forensic neuropsychologist and regular on the popular daytime show, The Doctors, Dr. Judy shares pearls of wisdom regarding relationship to self and offers adoptable tools for reprogramming self-sabotaging behaviors. Roses and Thorns has tools too! With important recs for how to locate your lost keys (shoutout to TILE) and a hot tip on unplugging for a Getaway (@getawayhouse)! 



Dr. Judy Ho / @drjudyho



Stop Self-Sabotage: Six Steps to Unlock Your True Motivation, Harness Your Willpower, and Get Out of Your Own Way by Dr. Judy Ho

Tile Key & Wallet Finder / Getaway House



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