Ep. 234 New Year New Astros: 2020 Cosmic Forecast with Ambi Kavanagh

“Boundaries are physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. Boundaries are actually the key to freedom in our life.” – Ambi Kavanagh


Episode Description

Astrologer, alchemist and fan favorite, Ambi Kavanagh joins the show to provide a celestial weather forecast for 2020. Roses and Thorns is equally astro focused featuring Ambi’s Soulstrology subscription, Debra Silverman’s Meet The Planets Video Series, and celebrating Chani Nicholas’ new book! 



Ambi Kavanagh / @alchemywithambi



You Were Born for This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance by Chani Nicholas 

Soulstrology / Debra Silverman Astrology 



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