Ep. 242 The Magic of Friendship with The Magicians’ Hale Appleman

Episode Description

Stephanie and Elizabeth’s dear friend Hale Appleman pops by TSR HQ to travel back in time with a friendship origin story, talk about his experience playing the groundbreaking role of Elliot on The Magicians, and debunk an internet myth that he and Stephanie are married. Roses and thorns is keeping in theme with the ep with rosy recs on what to watch, read and listen to for March 2020.



Hale Appleman




The Magicians / Hillary / Love is Blind



Baron of Botox / The Dream / The Catch and Kill / The Oprah Winfrey Show



For Small Creatures Such As We by Sasha Sagan / Inside Out by Demi Moore

Recovering From Reality by Alexis Haines



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Clean Color at Sephora


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