Ep. 246 COVID-19 and the Astros with Debra Silverman

“We’re learning how to slow down, we’re going back to basics, we’re being brought to our knees, and we’re asking very hard questions.”

– Debra Silverman


Episode Description

Astrologer, psychotherapist and writer, Debra Silverman, gets into the particulars of the current cosmic forecast as it relates to the global pandemic we are facing. On a micro level, she breaks down how we individually deal with crisis based on the elements of our astrological chart, providing actionable advice on how to self soothe, and guides us in a heartfelt meditative prayer around trusting the moment. Roses and Thorns is extended with a special guest – Elizabeth’s boyfriend, Joey Greer, graces the mic as he, Steph and Elizabeth discuss the R and T’s of relationships, non-relationships and creativity inside of this unique moment in time.



Debra Silverman / @debrasilverman_astrology 



Debra Silverman Elemental Compatibility Guidebook / Joey Greer 

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