Ep. 278 Trailblazing in the Clean Beauty Space with Dana Jackson

Episode Description

Steph and Elizabeth have a zoom kiki with Dana Jackson, visionary and founder of non-toxic skincare line Beneath Your Mask. We learn the why of her business and how she bootstrapped it into becoming the booming luxury line it is today. R+T keeps with the theme, offering a clean beauty mini rec roundup of its own.



Dana Jackson / @beneathyourmask



Dana’s Indie Beauty Recs:
Ranavat Botanics Luminous Ceremony Cream Cleanser
Lauren Napier Biodegradable Face Wipes
Agent Nateur Holi Deodorant

Meraki Organics
Fur Shaving Cream
Mischo Beauty Nail Vegan Nail Lacquers

Elizabeth and Steph’s Fall 2020 Recs: 
Saie Brow Butter
Saie Really Great Lip Gloss

OSEA Anti-Aging Body Balm
& The Moon Malibu Made Body Scrub
OSEA Sea Vitamin Boost
Beneath Your Mask Remedy Conditioning Lip Balm
Avene Thermal Spring Water Mist
Beautycounter Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
Kosas Color & Light: Crème Cream Blush & Highlighter Duo
Kosas Revealer Concealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer
HERETIC Dirty Grapefruit Eau de Parfum Travel Spray



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